GoodBioPak adopts independently-developed biodegradable modified raw materials, so as to improve the stability of product performance. It has established an efficient industrial chain, which not only reduces the cost of raw materials for customers, but also develops more cost-effective fully degradable product solutions to meet the needs of customers in all aspects. 

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Fully Biodegradable Modified Material
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Fully Biodegradable Modified Material

Fully automatic mixing workshop for fully biodegradable modified raw materials, with an annual output of 5,200 tons of fully biodegradable modified raw materials. The fully biodegradable modified products produced this way have more stable performance.

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The PLA straw supplied by GoodBioPak has high stiffness and a smooth cut to prevent lip injuries and can resist heat up to 176 °F. Our products are lighter compared to other products of the same hardness and function, reducing the cost of raw materials by nearly 5 for the benefit of our guests.
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Designed and produced by GoodBioPak, PLA cups can be used for a variety of foods such as coffee, tea, yogurt, bubble tea, soda water, and other occasions. The heat resistance of the product is 14°F ~176°, and the size, color, and LOGO can be customized according to customers' requirements.
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The cup lids developed and produced by GoodBioPak are manufactured using an integrated molding process. The straw closure is made of soft rubber, a novel polymer material. Not only is it safe and odorless, but it can also be recycled after simple regeneration, minimizing environmental impact.
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Empty Coffee Capsules & Stirrers

PLA coffee capsules is a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or aluminum coffee capsules. And are designed to be used in single-serve coffee machines, just like regular coffee capsules, but with the added benefit of being environmentally sustainable. PLA coffee capsules can break down naturally in a compost heap, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.
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PLA Tableware Manufacturing Process

PLA Tableware Manufacturing Process
The technological principle of biodegradable disposable tableware is as follows
  • GoodBioPak operates a fully automatic mixer workshop for fully biodegradable modified raw materials, which can produce 5,200 tons of fully degradable modified raw materials annually. 

  • GoodBioPak has a mold customization workshop, which can customize products according to customer needs. The workshop automatically operates 24 hours a day. 

  • Automatic packaging machine improves production efficiency, and production process ensures food safety. 

Advantages of PLA tableware

Advantages of PLA tableware

PLA products are of similar characteristics with traditional plastics (PS, PP and PET), but more environmentally friendly. For example, compared with traditional plastic production, PLA production consumes less energy and produces 75% less greenhouse gases. 

PLA Straws for Bubble Tea PLA Cups for Coffee PLA Cups for Sparkling Water PLA Cutlery for Chinese Cuisine PLA Cutlery for Western Cuisine PLA Cutlery for Hot Pot
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    Bubble Tea
  • Coffee
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    Sparkling Water
  • Chinese Cuisine
    Chinese Cuisine
  • Western Cuisine
    Western Cuisine
  • Hot Pot
    Hot Pot
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