GoodBioPak is a leading PLA straw manufacturer in China. And our compostable biodegradable pla straws bulk have high stiffness, smooth incision to prevent lip injury, which can withstand a heat up to 176°F. Our plant-based biodegradable straws wholesale are lighter compared with other products of the same hardness and function, with the cost of raw materials reduced by nearly 5%, to the benefit of our customers. 

Types of Compostable Biodegradable PLA Straws Wholesale

As one of trusted biodegradable straw companies, GoodBioPak provides you with diverse lineup of polylactic acid (PLA) straw types, each designed to elevate your sipping experience while minimizing your environmental footprint. From the heat-resistant PLA straw to the transparent, red, black, yellow, white, and green PLA straw options, we have something for everyone. Discover the advantages of these PLA biodegradable straws – they're not only sustainable and biodegradable but also durable and stylish. Say goodbye to conventional plastic straws and embrace the future of responsible sipping with our plant-based compostable straw collection.



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PLA Plant Based Straws VS Paper Straws

PLA StrawsPaper Straws
MaterialMade from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane, providing a sustainable alternative.Made from paper, which is biodegradable and compostable.
Eco-FriendlyBiodegradable, breaking down naturally in the environment over time.Fully biodegradable and compostable, making them an environmentally friendly choice.
Heat Resistance:pla + heat resistance, better at handling hot beverages compared to paper./
CostA little more expensive.
Often less expensive compared to PLA straws.
CustomizationCan be manufactured in various colors and designs.Can be customized with printed designs or branding.
FlexibilityCan maintain their shape longer in cold beverages without becoming soggy.Can become soggy more quickly in liquid compared to PLA straws.
StrengthTypically stronger and more durable than paper straws, resisting softening in liquids.May have limited strength in thicker beverages or over extended use.

Common Benefits of Compostable Biodegradable PLA Straws Bulk

  • Sustainability: PLA straws are made from plants, reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Strength: These biodegradable straws made from plants are durable and suitable for a wide range of beverages.

  • Biodegradability: PLA straws, as compostable corn straws, break down naturally, reducing environmental impact.

  • Versatility: PLA biodegradable straws can handle both cold and hot beverages effectively.

  • Customization: PLA straws wholesale can be customized in terms of color and design, enhancing branding opportunities.

  • Modern Appearance: Biodegradable plant based straws often have a sleek and modern appearance, appealing to customers.

  • Reduced Plastic Use: Plant based straws bulk help reduce the use of traditional plastic straws, which are a significant environmental concern.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice: PLA plant drinking straws are an eco-friendly alternative, aligning with consumers' increasing environmental awareness.

While both PLA and paper straws have their advantages, PLA straws tend to offer a balance between durability, sustainability, and customization which makes them a popular choice for many businesses and consumers.

Why Choose GoodBioPak as Your PLA Straw Manufacturers?
Eco-Friendly Commitment

As a professional PLA straw manufacturer, GoodBioPak is committed to environmental sustainability. Our PLA cornstarch straws are made from renewable resources and are fully biodegradable, aligning with your and your customers' eco-friendly values.

Productive capacity

GoodBioPak operates with a large-scale production facility, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of PLA straws wholesale to meet your demands, whether you need small or large quantities.

Strict Quality Control

We prioritize quality control throughout the manufacturing process, from raw material selection to final product inspection. Our compostable PLA straws meet the highest industry standards, ensuring your customers receive reliable, safe, and durable products.

Delivery Time

We understand the importance of on-time deliveries. GoodBioPak has a track record of meeting deadlines, helping you maintain your supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customization Service

GoodBioPak offers customizable PLA biodegradable straw solutions to match your specific branding needs. We can create straws in various colors, lengths, and designs, allowing you to differentiate your product and stand out in the market.

Competitive Price

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our efficient manufacturing processes and economies of scale allow us to provide cost-effective biodegradable PLA straws, helping you maximize your profit margins.


GoodBioPak invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of PLA straw innovation. We keep improving our products to meet evolving market demands.

Responsive Customer Support

Dedicated Team: Our customer support team is responsive and dedicated to addressing your inquiries, concerns, and specific requirements promptly. We value clear communication and a strong partnership with our clients.

Certifications and Compliance

As leading pla packaging manufacturers, we adhere to all relevant industry standards and certifications, ensuring that our PLA plastic straws meet safety and environmental regulations.

Compostable PLA Straws Bulk FAQs
  • Are PLA straws biodegradable?

    Yes, PLA (Polylactic Acid) straws are biodegradable. PLA is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane, and it can break down naturally in the environment over time, making PLA straws an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws. However, the rate of biodegradation can vary depending on environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity. Proper disposal and management are still important to ensure their eco-friendliness.

  • What are PLA Straws?

    Certified biodegradable and compostable PLA straws are made from 100% plant based bio-plastic, which is produced from starch from non-GMO crops.

  • Can plant-based PLA drinking straws be customized?

    The custom size range of PLA straws is: diameter 5-13mm, length 40-350mm, wall thickness 0.1-0.4mm. Product color, heat resistance and outer packaging can be customized according to your needs.

  • What are PLA straws made of?

    PLA stands for Polylactic Acid. Made from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane, it's a natural polymer designed to substitute widely used petroleum-based plastics like PET (polyethene terephthalate). In the packaging industry, PLA plastics are often used for plastic films and food containers.

  • How to tell the difference between PLA straws and PP straws?

    PP straws have better elasticity to allow them to rebound faster after bending without leaving much bending marks. PLA straws are more brittle than PP straws, so it is easier to leave bending marks. The density of PP straw is lower than that of water, so it will float on the water surface in a cup, while the density of PLA straw is higher than that of water, so it will sink into the bottom of the cup. Generally, PP straws can withstand a heat up to 248 ℉, so they are not easy to soften and bend when placed in 212 ℉ hot water, while PLA straws produced by GoodBio can withstand a heat up to 176 ℉, so the straws are easy to deform and bend when placed in 212 ℉ water. PP straw is artificially synthesized by chemical means, so it will give off a pungent smell after burning, while PLA straw is made of plant starch such as corn, so it will develop a burnt edge and give off a caramel smell after burning. 

  • How are PLA straws made?

    PLA straws are typically made through the following steps:

    • Raw Material Selection: PLA is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane. The chosen raw material undergoes processing to extract starch.

    • Starch Conversion: Enzymes are used to convert the starch into dextrose (a type of sugar).

    • Fermentation: Microorganisms ferment the dextrose to produce lactic acid.

    • Lactic Acid Polymerization: The lactic acid is polymerized into PLA through a chemical process.

    • Extrusion: The PLA polymer is then melted and extruded into long, thin tubes, which will become the straws.

    • Cooling and Cutting: The extruded PLA is cooled and then cut into the desired straw length.

    • Forming and Shaping: The cut pieces are shaped into cylindrical straws and sometimes undergo additional processing for specific designs or features.

    • Quality Control: Quality checks are performed to ensure the straws meet safety and quality standards.

    • Packaging: The PLA straws are packaged and prepared for distribution.

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