Applications of PLA Cutlery in the Catering Industry

Jun 10 , 2024

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the catering industry is facing the important challenge of changing from disposable plastic cutlery to environmentally friendly cutlery. In this process, polylactic acid (PLA) cutlery, with its unique advantages, is gradually becoming the new favorite of the catering industry. In this paper, we will discuss the application of PLA cutlery in the catering industry and the changes it brings.

PLA Cutlery: A New Biodegradable Material

PLA cutlery is a kind of cutlery made of polylactic acid (PLA), which is a kind of bioplastic derived from renewable plant resources. This material converts plant starch into lactic acid through a microbial fermentation process, and then undergoes a polymerization reaction to produce polymers. PLA cutlery not only has good biodegradability, but also can be completely degraded to water and carbon dioxide under specific conditions (such as industrial composting facilities), returning to the natural cycle, greatly reducing the burden on the environment.

The Advantages of PLA Cutlery Applications in the Catering Industry

Environmentally Sustainable

the use of PLA cutlery is in line with the concept of environmental protection, reducing the dependence on petroleum resources and lowering the pollution of the environment. At the same time, its biodegradability also meets the requirements of sustainable development.

Safe and Healthy

PLA cutlery does not add harmful chemicals during the production process, ensuring the food safety of the cutlery. For families with sensitive bodies or children, the use of PLA cutlery can be more assured.

Convenient to Use

PLA cutlery has good durability and toughness, and is not easy to break, so it can meet a variety of catering needs. At the same time, its single-use characteristics also greatly save the time and cost of cleaning and disinfection.

The Actual Application of PLA Cutlery in the Catering Industry

At present, PLA cutlery has been widely used in the catering industry. From fast food restaurants to high-grade restaurants, from take-out to buffet, you can see the figure of PLA cutlery. Especially in the use of disposable cutlery, PLA cutlery has become an important alternative. For example, some fast food restaurants have begun to use PLA straws and cups, and some high-end restaurants have begun to use PLA dinner plates and cutlery.

The Future Outlook of PLA Cutlery

With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and technology, the application prospect of PLA cutlery in the catering industry will be broader. In the future, we can expect more kinds of PLA cutlery to come out, such as different shapes, sizes and colors of cutlery, as well as cutlery with special functions (such as thermal insulation, heat insulation, etc.). At the same time, with the reduction of production costs and the intensification of market competition, the price of PLA cutlery will gradually become reasonable, further promoting its popularity and application in the catering industry.

In conclusion, PLA cutlery, as a new type of environmentally friendly cutlery, has a wide range of application prospects in the catering industry. We should actively promote and use PLA cutlery to contribute to environmental protection.

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