Europe releases data: PLA production reaches 342,000 tons

Oct 19 , 2023

On October 17, 2023, three leading European institutions jointly announced the production data of bioplastics in 2022.

The three organizations, nova-Institute, European Bioplastics Association and European Plastics Association, are harmonizing data for the first time and displaying their data together by polymer and application in order to increase industry transparency. The so-called bioplastics (bioplastics) include biodegradable plastics, bio-based plastics/non-degradable plastics.


Data show that global bioplastic production in 2022 will be 1.9 million tons, including 361,000 tons of SCPC, 342,000 tons of PLA, 323,000 tons of PE, 228,000 tons of PA, 228,000 tons of PTT, and 95,000 tons of PET. , CR output is 76,000 tons, PHA output is 76,000 tons, PP output is 76,000 tons, PBAT output is 57,000 tons, APC output is 19,000 tons, and PBS output is 19,000 tons.

Data from the three institutions also show that the global bioplastics production capacity utilization rate has reached 86%. This data is consistent with the production capacity of 2.22 million tons announced by the Bioplastics Association in December 2022, that is, 222*86%=1.9 million tons.

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