PLA Disposable Cups

Apr 12 , 2023

Cups are our most common daily necessities, and even many people are cup collectors. Next, our company will introduce three types of PLA disposable cups.

1. PLA coffee cup

Coffee is an essential item for workers, especially those who often stay up late, but coffee cups are very important. A comfortable cup can give people a good mood and not only improve the quality of coffee. The material used in the whole body of the PLA coffee cup is PLA. The PLA coffee cup adopts cutting-edge innovative design and high-end materials, which is in line with the daily preferences and psychology of urban fashion petty bourgeoisie, bringing an avant-garde, healthy and high-quality lifestyle.

2. PLA cold cups

In summer, cold drink cups are also a necessity in daily life. The PLA cold cups are not only simple and stylish in appearance, but also the material polylactic acid used is very environmentally friendly, which also contributes to China's environmental protection cause. In life, we can see PLA cold cups in milk tea shops, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, leisure bars, dessert shops and other places, which have been widely used. The PLA cold cups are made of food-grade material, with high light transmittance and good toughness. You can consider this one when choosing a cup.

3. Biodegradable tea cups

In recent years, many consumers have become popular for drinking tea. In addition, the consumption level of young people is constantly improving. Everyone is popular with environmental protection awareness. The use of biodegradable tea cups to hold tea is conducive to protecting the environment, and is relatively safe. It is also very convenient to use, and brings an elegant feeling to consumers. The biodegradable tea cups have good biodegradability, and its special and diversified recycling and processing methods of renewable resources greatly reduce the burden on natural resources and the environment, and conform to the endless green recycling guidelines.

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