PLA Plastic Biodegradable

Mar 28 , 2022

The Meaning of PLA Plastic

PLA plastic is a green polymer material, belonging to plastics. In a single lactic acid molecule, there is a hydroxyl and a carboxyl, and multiple lactic acid molecules are together. -OH is dehydrated and condensed with -COOH of other molecules, and -COOH is dehydrated and condensed with -OH of other molecules. In this way, they combine with each other to form a polymer called PLA. The PLA, also known as polylactide, is one of the polyesters.

PLA is a poly compound that can be obtained from the polymerization of lactic acid. Raw materials are plentiful and renewable. PLA plastic is an ideal green polymer material because of its pollution-free production process and biodegradable product to realize the circulation in nature.

Advantages of PLA Plastic

(1)PLA plastic has good mechanical and physical properties and is suitable for blow molding, thermoplastic, and other processing methods.

(2)PLA plastic has good compatibility and degradability and is also widely used in the medical field.

(3)In addition to the basic characteristics of biodegradable plastics, PLA plastic also has its own unique characteristics. Traditional biodegradable plastics are not as strong, transparent, or resistant to climate change as conventional plastics.

(4)PLA and petrochemical synthetic plastics have similar basic physical properties. PLA has good gloss and transparency, which can not be provided by other biodegradable products.

(5)PLA plastic has good tensile strength and elongation and can also be produced by a variety of common processing methods. It can also be made into a variety of application products according to the needs of different industries.

(6)During the incineration of PLA plastic, the heat of combustion of PLA plastic is the same as that of papers, but is half of that of traditional plastic. And the incineration of PLA plastic will not release nitrogen, sulfide, and other toxic gases.

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