Zhejiang's Ten Major Special Actions on Plastic Pollution Control in 2024! Ban and restrict the use of non-degradable plastic bags...

Apr 02 , 2024

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission and the Department of Ecology and Environment of Zhejiang Province issued the "Key Work List for Plastic Pollution Control in Zhejiang Province in 2024", solidly promoting the governance of the entire plastic pollution chain.

The "Key Work List" outlines ten major special actions: Special Action to Ban and Restrict the Use of Non-degradable Plastic Bags, Special Action to Ban and Restrict the Use of Disposable Plastic Tableware, Special Action to Limit the Use of Disposable Plastic Products in Hotels and Restaurants, Special Action to Ban and Restrict the Use of Plastic Packaging in Express Delivery, Special Action to Cultivate and Promote Substitute Products, Special Action on Recycling, Special Action on Collection and Disposal, Special Action to Support and Ensure, Special Action on Civilized Trends, and Special Action on Joint Inspections.

The "Key Work List" specifies:

Strengthen inspections on the use of non-degradable plastic bags in shopping malls and supermarkets; encourage businesses, retail pharmacies, and bookstores to carry out "plastic restriction orders" propaganda, guiding and incentivizing consumers to use environmentally friendly cloth bags, paper bags, and degradable plastic bags. Encourage businesses and retail pharmacies to offer green environmental products such as environmentally friendly bags through consumer point redemption and other incentives.

Promote the certification of green packaging products, increase the promotion and application of plastic substitute products, and continuously improve the quality of supply. In 2024, 15 new certificates for green products in express packaging will be added, and 20 companies will be cultivated for green certification of express packaging.

Guide commercial enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, and retail pharmacies to use degradable alternative products, promote consumers to develop habits of environmentally friendly shopping and reusable shopping bags.

Expand the scope of green procurement products, encourage purchasers to increase green factors in procurement demands, increase the purchasing efforts of green low-carbon plastic products, prioritize the purchase of green packaging products and recyclable products. Deepen government procurement support for green building materials to promote the upgrading of building quality, further promote the use of green buildings and green building materials. Guide the green procurement work of provincial state-owned enterprises, promote provincial state-owned enterprises to prioritize the purchase of degradable plastic products that meet industry standards, incorporate green procurement of plastic products into project expenditure performance evaluation management, and strengthen experience summary and exchange.

Support the research and development, introduction, and promotion of non-degradable plastic alternative materials and products, and promote support in areas such as government procurement, green credit, and talent introduction, encouraging localities to provide support according to local conditions.

Strengthen the construction of inspection and testing capabilities for alternative products, and establish a provincial green packaging product quality inspection center. Implement the foundation project of enterprise standards, promote the cultivation of standard innovative enterprises in related fields such as degradable and recycled plastics.

Strictly enforce law and supervision, and investigate and deal with plastic environmental pollution and ecological damage cases involving the responsibilities of the ecological environment department according to law.

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