TGB's "Fully Biodegradable Cast Film" Standard Effective from August 19th!

Aug 21 , 2023

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the pursuit of sustainable development, fully biodegradable materials have gradually emerged as a popular choice to replace plastics.

As a significant application of fully biodegradable materials, fully biodegradable cast films have extensive prospects in packaging, agriculture, healthcare, and various other sectors. To promote the advancement of fully biodegradable cast films, TGB, in collaboration with several companies including Wenzhou Yinrun Packaging, Xiongxian Liya, Dajue Packaging, Jufeng New Materials, Anhui Fengyuan, Tuopu Daily Chemicals, and Fuling Technology, has jointly formulated the group standard "Fully Biodegradable Cast Film," which officially came into effect on August 19th. The implementation of this standard provides a unified framework for the classification, requirements, testing methods, inspection rules, labeling, packaging, transportation, and storage of fully biodegradable cast films.


The implementation of this standard holds significant significance for the development of the fully biodegradable cast film industry.


Firstly, the standard categorizes fully biodegradable cast films, clarifying the characteristics and application scopes of different types of cast films, thereby offering clearer guidance to businesses and consumers. Secondly, the standard specifies requirements for fully biodegradable cast films, including criteria related to appearance, dimensions, physical mechanical properties, environmental friendliness, and food contact safety, ensuring product quality and reliability. Simultaneously, the standard outlines testing methods and inspection rules for fully biodegradable cast films, providing businesses with uniform testing standards and promoting technological advancements and quality enhancement within the industry.

Moreover, the group standard also stipulates requirements for the labeling, packaging, transportation, and storage of fully biodegradable cast films. Through standardized labeling and packaging, consumers can more easily identify and select fully biodegradable cast film products, thus enhancing market transparency and consumer confidence. Additionally, the standard sets forth specific requirements for transportation and storage to ensure product safety throughout the entire supply chain.


As one of the contributors to this group standard, TGB not only played a crucial role in the standard's development but also solidified its leadership position in the field of fully biodegradable cast films through the implementation of this standard.

TGB has consistently focused on the research and production of high-quality fully biodegradable products, earning a strong reputation and sales performance in the market. The company has now participated in the formulation and implementation of group standards for "Fully Biodegradable Plastic Drinking Straws" and "Fully Biodegradable Cast Films," further consolidating its position within the industry and laying a solid foundation for future growth.

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